Seeing the Difference

Laubman & Pank – 2009 ADMA Award Winner for Effectiveness

More than tripled the target response rate with an ROI of 1034%


Laubman & Pank needed to convince customers that Transition lenses, a lens that automatically adjusts to the UV light were worth paying extra for and adjust as fast as they promise.


  • Educate Laubman and Pank customers about the benefits of Transition lenses.
  • Achieve a 2% response rate.
  • Sell 250 pairs of Transition lenses.


Key to convincing customers as to the benefits of Transitions lenses was to have them personally experience the change the lenses create.


We turned an envelope into an engaging interactive product demonstration.


  • More than tripled the target response rate: 6.3% response rate vs 2% target.
  • 711 pairs of Transitions lenses sold vs 250 pairs target.
  • 184% over target.
  • 1034% ROI

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