Brainstorming for the Digital Age

RGA VP of Technology & Innovation Will Turnage has released an interesting deck about approaching brainstorming from a Tech point of view they are calling TechFirst Brainstorming. It leverages some lateral thinking techniques that are about combining two disparate topics to create useful ideas.

The basic premise is that instead of coming up with ideas then executing, you come up with a function or feature first.

1) Preparation – Choose a specific feature of function & create an open ended scenario to answer creatively. These  could be:

  • ‘What if’ scenarios – e.g. Let’s say an iPad can tell the difference between an adult and a baby touch. Name 10 things you could do with this feature
  • Fill in the blanks – e.g. My Truck’s name is ______ And the first Instagram picture it took was_______
  • Magnetic Poetry – e.g. List of words, list of Technology then pick and match
  • Brand Poetry – e.g. Tone,  Occasion, Functionality matching


2) Individual Thinking – Answer the brief individually (5-8 minutes)

3) Brainstorm Together –  Share answers and expand on ideas (45 minutes)

What they learnt?

  • Ideas were interesting & feasible
  • Saved Time
  • Made Creative Process more accessible
  • But they take time – Need Technology, Business Need & Use Case

Full Deck Below:

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